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Breakthrough Sound Technology Uses Healing Power Of A Science Backed Ancient Spiritual Practice To Melt Away The Stress, Trauma And Anxiety Of Your Pet Family In An Instant
Forget paying ridiculous amounts of money to have a greedy vet take months to “experiment” with your pet’s trauma using dangerous medicines. Now you can heal your pet’s trauma in an instant from the comforts of your own home.

Dear friend, 

What if I told you that there’s a way to heal your pet’s trauma and anxiety at the click of a button?

By combining ancient spiritual practice with modern sound vibrational technology, 

You can instantly bring your pet back to it’s normally playful, joyous self.

Trust me, I know what you’re going through right now.

Your pet’s sudden change in behavior is making your life miserable. 

You feel helpless because you can’t understand what it is going through. 

You take care of your pet baby like it’s your own child. 

Pamper it with the most expensive dog food.

And yet, It keeps barking and howling throughout the night for no reason.

In a fit of desperation you even bend down and ask it:

“what do you want??” 

Only to be greeted with a defensive growl and a bark. 

You start to worry and start to feel guilty. 

“Did I do anything wrong?” 

And before you know it, 

You start an endless guessing game that just makes you and your pet uncomfortable. 

Worsening its symptoms even further.

Well, guess what? That’s all about to change.

In the next few minutes,

I am going to show you how you can instantly heal your troubled pet from its deep-rooted stress, anxiety, and trauma. 

And bring it back to it’s playful and loving former self.

You don’t need to waste your time and money on any super-expensive animal therapist, 

Or buy some expensive cutting-edge medication.

In fact, you can do it anytime you want from the comforts of your own home.

The fact is…

I discovered this unique and safe method completely by accident.

It all started when I woke up one morning to discover that my loving, and adorable pet dog, Chant, suddenly became very aggressive,

He completely ripped my furniture apart and made a mess out of the whole house. 

I was absolutely speechless when I saw what happened,

How did he turn from a loving and gentle soul to becoming so aggressive?

That’s when I started the journey that led me to discover
 an ancient Japanese spiritual practice. 

A practice that allows you to remove all the negative energy that has accumulated within you,

And unlock the flow of positive energy to give healing to anyone around you.

Thanks to this discovery I healed Chant without knowing anything about animal psychology or behavior. 

And I did it even though I wasn’t able to communicate verbally with him. 

Without any medications or any super-expensive boutique animal therapy.

In a few minutes, I’ll show you how you can easily heal your loving pet family from the comforts of your own home almost instantly by simply clicking a button.

But first, I just want to let you know…

If you’re feeling skeptical that’s fine. I totally understand. 

In fact, I was like you too. 

Because when the universe manifested this unique solution to my problem, I too couldn’t believe it at first. 

But after years of going through a deep spiritual journey and discovering the unlimited wealth and power of the universe. 

I have realized that the universe works in mysterious ways, 

And I have learned how to accept the way of mother nature.

So, it didn’t take long for me to realize that the universe was giving me a boon.

Because it turns out, 

The Japanese spiritual practice I happen to stumble upon has not only been used to heal deep-seated traumas and anxieties by many since time immemorial.

But more recently it has been proven by scientists at many prestigious and well-known universities to have strong healing powers that can benefit everyone. 

In fact, many hospitals and medical facilities have started using this technique to help traumatized patients that are under their care

Now, I realize that this ancient Japanese healing practice has been used to treat people, 

But I’ll share with you the revelation that allowed me to use it for my pet. 

Best part? 

It doesn’t matter if your pet is: 

  • Old or young, 
  • Male or female, 
  • Big or small. 

It doesn’t matter if your pet family is from an animal rescue or not.

Trauma and stress don’t discriminate.

And the healing will have the same powerful effect.

But before I go any further I need to tell you my story

My name is Jace “White Crow” Little. 

I'm a sound healer, vibrational researcher, and traveler between worlds, almost like a cosmic bridge. 

And for years now, I’ve helped people go beyond the seen reality into the unseen hidden realm,

Awaken them to their true self.

And helped them manifest wealth and abundance with the Sacred Sound Healing System,

A groundbreaking program that allows you to tap into the unlimited wealth and abundance of the universe. 

It took me years of pain and struggle to finally realize what the universe had in store for me, 

and to finally be able to create the Sacred Sound Healing System

But just when I thought I was living the life I was meant to live,

The magnificent, mysterious, and unpredictable universe threw another surprise at me

My pet beagle, Chant, who has been by my side for years suddenly became aggressive towards other people and kept tailing me wherever I went.

To the extent that it became impossible for me to leave the house without Chant having panic attacks and urinating himself.

To make things worse, 

Every night Chant would howl and bark. 

Making it impossible for me to even get 5 minutes of peaceful meditation.

I couldn’t figure out why he went from such a loving, playful friend to a dog that was frightful of everything and wouldn’t leave my side.

I tried buying him new toys and fed him his favorite dog treats. 

It seemed to calm him down for a while. 

But after a few minutes, he would get agitated and aggressive again.

The turning point came when I got up one morning to find that Chant had completely ripped my furniture apart and made a mess out of the whole house. 

That’s when I realized that I need to do something fast. 

But what? 

I decided to do my own research and discovered that there were various treatments modern medicine has come up with to treat animal anxiety, trauma, and stress. 

There were over the counter non-prescription drugs and many other stronger ones that you can get from the vet.

I was interested at first, 

But then I read the horrifying side-effects. 

Many people claimed that their pet went through seizures, 

And worse, lost their lives...

There’s no way I am going to risk my dear Chant’s life.

So, I started looking for a safer alternative. 

And that’s when I accidentally stumbled upon something interesting.

An ancient Japanese spiritual practice called Reiki promotes relaxation, compassion, and healing.

For thousands of years, 

This spiritual practice has been used to remove negativity from people’s lives. 

And replace them with positive energy that can heal them of the pain of past experience and trauma. 

This practice is done by sending positive vibrations that have the ability to heal you from within and destroy all the negative past traumas. 

But, I noticed that it said nothing about calming down animals or pets, 

Which I thought was strange. 

I couldn’t help but think: 

“Why would the search result for “pet healing” reveal this healing technique for humans? 

Must be a glitch…”

Little did I know that it was a sign from the universe.

But I was too exhausted to notice it and gave up searching, 

I thought to myself: 

“If only they had something like this for my Chant…”

It seemed like there was no way out. 

After yet another sleepless night,

I woke up the next morning and went shopping for groceries. 

As I was about to enter the store something caught my eye, 

It was a flyer.

I took a closer look and couldn’t believe what I saw...

It was a flyer of a Reiki Healing Session!

Now I have to tell you, 

I don’t believe in coincidences. 

This is a message from the universe guiding me to solve my problem. 

I immediately dialed the number written on the flyer.

An old man answered. 

He had a deep voice that was full of gentleness and wisdom. 

I felt intimidated. 

But after listening to his voice, I suddenly had the urge to open up to him and share with him my pain.

I told him everything my loyal pet and I are going through. 

How hard it has been to take care of him.

And then I asked him:

“Does it work for animals too?”


And then he replied: 

“Actually, it works extremely well on animals. 

They’re more sensitive to the energy and vibrations of their surroundings than we humans can ever be, and because of that, they’re more responsive to the positive energy of Reiki healing. 

Bring your pet over and let me help you.” 

I made an appointment for the very next day. 

I was excited. 

Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The next day as I was getting ready, I dreaded to bring Chant out with me.

He gets very anxious when I bring him out. 

But today was different. 

He leaped and went ahead of me! 

It was like he knew something magical was about to happen.

I was surprised. 

When I entered the place of the Reiki Master, 

I noticed how peaceful it was. 

And I could see some change in Chant’s gait. 

He looked peaceful and confident, 

It reminded me of the old Chant.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

When I met this Reiki Master his eyes immediately went to my dog. 

And he looked back at me and asked: 

“Did you just shift to a new house?” 

I was surprised. 

I said “YES!” 

He said: 

“This is the reason why your dog has been acting aggressively. 

He is anxious and uncomfortable.

A totally new environment which he is not able to adjust to.

I’ll help him.”

And immediately on cue, 

Chant approached the Reiki Master. 

Like he understood every word the Reiki master was saying. 

The Reiki master picked Chant up, placed Chant on his lap, and immediately went to work. 

He started caressing Chant. 

And I could see how Chant let everything go. 

He started whimpering. 

It was like he was letting out all his nervousness and anxiety that has been building up inside of him. 

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 

After about 15 minutes,

Chant was snoring fast asleep on the Reiki Master’s lap! 

I have been trying to calm him down for months and this Reiki Master did it in a matter of minutes!  

When I went back home with Chant, 

I realized that he was back to his former self. 

But I noticed that he still felt uncomfortable in his new home. 

So I called up the Reiki Master and he told me: 

“You don’t have to come here. I will send him positive Reiki vibrations.” 

I asked him: 

“But how do I know when he has received them or not?” 

He just said: 

“You’ll know when it happens.” 

After seeing what he could do, I could see no reason why I should doubt him. 

So I waited. 

Few minutes after the call, 

I noticed there was something different in Chant.

Like he just heard a dog whistle or something. 

He instantly became alert. 

And then after a while, he slowly came to me and curled up on my lap. 

I cried.

I realized that my anxiety and stress of moving to a new place also brought about Chant’s anxiety. 

I immediately felt peace and calmness wash over me. 

This profound experience opened my eyes to the animal spirit realm that I’ve never seen before. 

Your loyal pet can’t communicate and talk about its problems and feelings. 

And to make things worse, 

They’re not as equipped as us humans to cope with stress and anxiety.

For a long time, I thought that only rescue animals or animals that have had some major traumatizing past experience would behave like this. 

But when I saw Chant behaving aggressively, 

I wasn’t prepared. 

It turns out that even animals that are perfectly adequate, and come from a loving background can develop fears, anxieties, and traumas too.

In fact, studies have shown that something small like cutting nails which might seem normal to you, can be a traumatizing experience for your pet. 

Before you know it, your traumatized pet starts acting in a way that it has never done before. 

It can become aggressive, or even fearful.

This profound experience has taught me one thing…

The only way to heal your pet of its past trauma is by first connecting with them at a deeper level. 

You see, we’re all connected by this invisible force called energy, 

The energy of your thoughts and feelings impacts your beloved animal companion in both subtle and profound ways.

When you are sad, your loyal pet can sense it and will even cry with you and offer you comfort and solace.

This is strong evidence and you and your dear pet have a strong connection with each other. 

It became apparent to me that you can use this special bond to connect with your pet family and heal its trauma by sending it positive vibrations.

During my journey, I realized that there are a lot of souls who are going through what I did with Chant. 

They love their pet family. 

They want what’s best for it. 

And they feel helpless when their loving pet gets traumatized and stressed. 

Some of them have even spent thousands of dollars on visits to animal therapies and gave them medications with little to no results!

I was lucky enough to find a Reiki Master when I did. 

But not everyone can find a Reiki Master. 

Let alone, a TRUE Reiki master that’s willing to heal your pet!

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands

When the Reiki Master “sent” positive vibrations to my pet, 

I got an idea. 

After years of using modern sound technology to help thousands of people around the world to uncover their true potential with the help of the Sacred Sound Healing System,

I realized that I could combine this very same sound technology with the healing vibrations of Reiki!

I was excited. 

This is going to change the lives of both humans and their loving animal companion!

So, I decided to visit the Reiki Master who helped me and Chant to seek his help and guidance. 

But when I went there, it was like his place didn’t even exist! 

There was absolutely no sign that there used to be a Reiki practice. 

I asked the neighbor and he was dumbfounded. 

“Reiki practice? What are you talking about? The place next door has been empty for years!” 

I was speechless. 

This was a sure sign that the universe manifested itself to help me and Chant.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I did my own research and connected with Reiki masters all over the world.

During my research, I discovered that true and honest Reiki Masters are few and far in between.

I realized that Chant and I were very lucky to find this Reiki master. 

Many of them charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars per session, 

And there are countless fake Reiki Masters who don’t know anything about Reiki.

After months of trial and error, 

I finally combined the sound vibrations with the healing vibrations of Reiki successfully.

This was a breakthrough! 

The first of its kind. 

And it worked seamlessly.

When I played it, Chant would immediately get drawn to it. 

And the whole room would be filled with peace and serenity.

While I was doing my research I connected and made friends with a lot of souls who had this very same problem. 

They shared with me their pain

Out of the blue, their pet just suddenly turned aggressive for seemingly no reason at all. 

So when I created this technology I decided to share it with a special few who I connected with deeply.

And within days, my email was flooded with messages of love and gratitude.

They couldn’t believe how well it worked.

This was the universe telling me that I had a new mission. 

And that a new chapter in my life was about to unfold.

It was not just people that needed my help, but my animal friends needed help too. 


And that’s when I realized I was onto something.

This discovery could help a lot of struggling souls.

That’s when I decided to create Instant Digital Pet Reiki.

A first of its kind instant pet healing technology.

Instant Digital Pet Reiki combines the healing power of ancient Reiki masters with modern, sophisticated sound technology.

Allowing you to send healing vibrations to your traumatized pet family at the click of a button. 

Instant Digital Pet Reiki will clear, straighten, and heal your pet’s energy pathways and allow its life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Sure there are other ways to treat your pet’s trauma and stress. 

You can take them to the vet, 

And in some cases when there’s a serious medical emergency it’s absolutely necessary. 

But if you’re an animal lover, I don’t have to tell you how anxious and stressed you and your animal family can get when visiting a strange new place full of needles and strange people. 

The best way to heal your loyal pet’s trauma is to be in a surrounding it is familiar with. 

And that surrounding is your home. With you. Its most trusted companion

There are also plenty of medications that can calm them down. 

But these medicines only treat the symptoms without doing anything to the underlying cause. 

It makes your pet drowsy, clumsy, and docile. 

It may still be stressful and anxious, it’s just that now it has no way of expressing it! 

It has become numb...

What’s worse, it also comes with serious side effects that can threaten your pet’s very life. 

Side effects can even include getting seizures.

There are also animal behaviorists which can help your pet family get back to its normal self.

But it can take months or even years. 

Costing you up to tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. 

And guess who’ll be there when your pet is howling, and barking and making loud noises at 2 am in the morning.

Not the animal behaviorist sleeping soundly in a million-dollar mansion. 

Not the animal veterinarian who's currently on a vacation in Bali.

You will be there!

And With Instant Digital Pet Reiki by your side,

you can heal your animal family from the comforts of your own home. 

You don’t need to be a highly trained vet or animal psychologist. 

You don’t need to take ridiculous risks and try dangerous medications on your loving pet. 

All you need to do is to simply press the play button, 

And let the healing Reiki vibrations from Instant Digital Pet Reiki melt away the stress and anxiety from your pet.

Allowing it to once again be the calm, loving, and faithful friend you once knew and missed so deeply.

But I have to warn you...

The pet industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. 

And they’re not going to take too kindly to my powerful discovery. 

So it’s very much possible that they’ll try their best to shut this down, 

And with that kind of money-They just might!

That’s why I am urging you, 

If you love your pet, 

If you want your pet to once again return to its former loving self, 

Then you need to take action immediately.  

Because since I launched Instant Digital Pet Reiki, 

Orders have been skyrocketing from people tired of being swindled by greedy vets and manipulative animal behaviorists. 

While this is all great news,  

It also means that it’s just a matter of time before it gets the attention of the multi-billion dollar pharma industry who has their hands on the pulse of the market.

But I won’t give up that easily. 

I know how much your pet means to you. 

Because for me, 

Chant is not just a pet, 

I consider him to be a part of my soul family.

There’s a connection with me and Chant that goes beyond just the physical realm. 

He has been with me through thick and thin. 

And that’s why I have decided to create Instant Digital Pet Reiki

Because I want you to experience the joy of seeing your loving pet get rid of its stress, trauma, and anxiety.

While you can go and visit a true Reiki master who MIGHT try and heal your pet, 

Finding a true Reiki master is VERY HARD, 

And even if you do actually find one, it will cost you hundreds of dollars/session.

And most of them are not willing to do anything for your pet.

Not to mention the fact that you have to go through the hassle of making an appointment, then leaving your house and wasting your whole day. 

You can also try and learn Reiki for yourself, but this is an ancient Japanese Spiritual Practice that needs a lot of time and patience before you can actually master it. 

Time that your loving pet does not have. 

I can tell you from personal experience that if you let it be, 

It will only get worse.

And that’s why the Instant Digital Pet Reiki Healing is a better option than any therapy or mood medications.  

Now I can easily charge you thousands of dollars for this one of a kind healing technology. 

But I won’t do that. 

I want to help you connect with your pet family in a way that you’ve never connected before. 

I know firsthand how great your life will become.

Enhancing your life and bringing you wealth, abundance, and joy is what makes me feel happy and grateful. 

And so while I could easily charge US$150 for this, 

I have spoken with my publisher (who also happens to have a few pets of his own)

And convinced him to give you a special price. 

That’s why for a limited time only on this website you can get your very own copy of Instant Digital Pet Reiki for only US$19.97.

Don't wait any longer. Click on the button below and start helping your loyal pet now.
 Instant Digital Pet Reiki!
   Secure Order Form - 100% Protected and Safe

Once you click on the button below, You’ll be redirected to our secure 128bit encrypted check out page where you’ll enter your order information. 

The moment you do that and you confirm, 

You’ll get instant LIFETIME access to Instant Digital Pet Reiki. 

Once you get access, 

Simply click on the play button and let the healing begin. 

You don’t have to do anything.

I am confident that Instant Digital Pet Reiki will give you an amazing, life-changing result that will heal your pet’s deep-seated trauma.

In fact, I am so confident, 

That I am going to protect you with my 100% worry-free 60-day money-back guarantee.

If for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied, simply let me know within 60-days and you’ll get 100% of your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I can’t think of any reason for you to not get the Instant Digital Pet Reiki and help your loving pet family. 

There’s absolutely no-risk whatsoever.

Don't wait any longer. Click on the button below and start helping your loyal pet now.
 Instant Digital Pet Reiki!
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You have two choices now, 

You can either not do anything and watch your pet suffer from stress, trauma, and anxiety that’s going to just get worse over time,  

Or you can take action now, and help your loving pet to heal itself with your help.

But hurry as there’s no telling how long this limited offer will be available. 

I don’t know for how long my publisher is going to allow me to offer Instant Digital Pet Reiki at a special price. 

Also, Instant Digital Pet Reiki is covered by a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee. 

So there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t take this special chance to help your loving pet today.

Don't wait any longer. Click on the button below and start helping your loyal pet now.
 Instant Digital Pet Reiki!
   Secure Order Form - 100% Protected and Safe

The universe doesn’t give opportunities like this very often. 

I hope you’ve made the right decision. 

Thank you so much for reading/watching this far.


I know you might have a couple of questions, so I’ll answer them here for 
you as clearly as I can.

Will I be receiving the complete program at this discount?
Yes, you are getting the COMPLETE Instant Digital Pet Reiki program at the special price of US$19.97.
This is a once in a lifetime LIMITED OFFER offer.
And I don’t know for how long my publisher is going to allow me to offer you at this special price.
So take action now while the offer still stands.
How fast before I see any results? 
You’ll see instant results.
Simply push the play button and let the healing Reiki vibrations remove all the deep-rooted stress and anxiety from your pet.
And raise its vibrations to bring back it’s playful loving side.
You don’t need to go to any animal therapist or any veterinarian.
Or become a Reiki Master.
Everything is done for you.
Simply play Instant Digital Pet Reiki for your pet from the comforts of your own home at any time you like.
How much time is needed for Instant Digital Pet Reiki to work?
Just a few seconds.
In just a few seconds you’ll start noticing a positive change in your pet’s gait and attitude.
You’ll also notice how your surroundings become filled with peace and tranquility that’s healthy for you and your loving pet family.
Does this work on Cats too?
Yes, this works equally well on both Cats and Dogs.
How Do I Use This Product?
You can download the audio to your smartphone or computer and play the audio to your pet when it is either sitting down or sleeping.
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